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We Are One Composites wheel builds.

Please state Hub widths/colour/freehub/wheel size when ordering.

The AGENThe Agent has a perfect 30mm internal width suitable for 2.35 - 2.8" tires. The added 3.5mm rim lip thickness reduces pinch flats and gives industry leading impact strength. The spoke holes are drilled at a 7 degree angle to make for the optimal nipple to spoke angle and reduced nipple and spoke fatigue.T 27.5
A Canadian Made Carbon Wheelset at an unbeatable price!!

Our goal with the AGENT lineup was to create the new standard for carbon mountain bike rims. The proprietary layup and material for our AGENT rim have been carefully selected and engineered for maximum durability without having a harsh ride feel. With actual in-house testing completed, numerous changes perfected, and multiple races won, the We Are One team has designed a rim from the ground up that is proudly manufactured right here in Kamloops B.C. Canada. All of our wheels are hand built in-house by our trusted and trained builders to ensure the best quality.

Overall, these wheels are for the everyday rider who demand the best from their wheels. If you're riding the local trails one day and the chairlift in Whistler the next, the Agent lineup has you covered.

Weight: 1840g

Hole Count: 32h

Tire Size: 2.35-2.60

Spokes: Sapim Race Black

Nipples: Sapim 16mm double square polyax nipples black

Hubs: Hope Pro 4


The AGENT is the trifecta of design. A shallow 25mm rim depth gives a positive ride feel on the trail and is supported by a stout 3.5mm rim lip. The AGENT's rim lip construction is engineered to withstand impacts. The internal rim width of 30mm will allow you to confidently run 2.35 - 2.6 tires from all your favorite brands. The spoke holes are also all angle drilled to 5 degrees to make for optimal angle and increase nipple engagement while decreasing fatigue on the nipples.

We took careful consideration for tire mounting ease and inflation on the hookless bead of the AGENT line. All of these factors play a huge role in tire burp-ability as well. You will find that the tires mount without tire levers and will inflate with a standard floor pump.